Sensequake technology – Historic Landmark Renovation of the Parliament of Canada

Below is an interesting interview with the former senior project manager of the Canadian Parliament Rehabilitation project, Michael Petrescu, with Sensequake’s CEO, Farshad Mirshafiei, Ph.D., P.Eng., and the president of our partner company in California OKAMOTO Structural Engineering, John Cruikshank, PE, F.ASCE.

This Sensequake project was a pioneer for ambient vibration testing, being the largest and most complex of its kind ever performed. Over 30 unique tests were conducted and analyzed to:

• Identify 5 hidden integrity concerns
• Derive structural baselines
• Perform modal identification
• Calibrate engineering models (30% increase in FEM accuracy)

All of this work helped make for a safe, reliable and efficient retrofit design.

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If you have any comments or questions please contact John M. Cruikshank, PE, President & CEO of OKAMOTO Structural Engineering at, (714) 444-2422 x101,

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