Engineering has a vital role to play in retail business. When customers think about a store they want to visit, for example, the image of the building is what most often comes to mind. The next factor, of course, is likely how easy it is to get in and out of the store in question. Whether new locations need to be constructed or existing stores must be refreshed or refitted, a structural engineer is an important addition to the retail structure process.

It should be noted that sometimes the environment itself presents challenges that directly impede corporate policy with regard to maintaining a small footprint and reducing as much waste as possible. A structural engineer can often help in this area, too. Tasked with finding the best structural solutions to these environmental problems, structural engineers work to help reduce carbon footprints, introduce alternative energy components, and even help use novel construction material to help build new locations and optimize old ones.

OKAMOTO Structural Engineering understands the difficulties that attend the design of and work on retail locations, but we also understand the benefits and how to maximize potential advantages. Our staff is experienced in many different aspects of engineering, including using the latest technology, tools, equipment, and processes to help build facilities that meet even the toughest of environmental policies.

All of the above is central to our role and the work we perform, but perhaps the aspect that we value most highly is the chance to build something our clients love. Every step we take is designed to meet our clients’ overall goals, and we’re committed to creating the best design to suit their needs.

OKAMOTO Structural Engineering have been leading structural engineering efforts in retail spaces for 40 years, and our expert staff is ready to get to work on your project. Contact us today to learn more.

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