Our Principles

OSE’s work is in structural engineering, but that’s not all we do. We build relationships with our clients so that we can provide excellent customer service, too. The foundation of our dedication is a collection of principles. We use these guideposts to influence all of our interactions with each and every client we take on, as well as in our dealings with each other. Read through these principles to get a better understanding of our approach.

Business Development

We want to be comfortable with the people we work alongside, and we want them to be comfortable with us too. But we also want to build new relationships with anyone we meet. One of the reasons for our friendly, professional demeanor is to cultivate friendships to grow our business.


Communication is the key to completing any task, especially when the work is complex and specialized. That’s why all of our written communications (such as plans, emails, reports, and letters) are carefully constructed and painstakingly checked for spelling and grammar. We want to ensure that we are understood by our audience.


A business can’t exist without customers, and we are no exception! We treat each customer with kindness and respect to earn their trust. When a customer has full faith in you, you’ll have their business again and again – and they’ll refer their friends to you, too.

Customer Service

Every single person we come in contact with has the potential to become a customer or refer customers to us. Because of this, we treat everyone we give everyone we encounter the same honesty and fair treatment. We listen to every question and respond to every query we get, all with a positive attitude. We don’t want to be the source of any negative experiences.


We maintain complete and comprehensive records of our project meetings and phone calls. This is done so that we can always look to them and see the reasoning behind our actions.


The members of our team put everything they can into completing every task they tackle. We utilize a strategy wherein we break down any project into a series of smaller tasks so that we can better manage and focus our efforts. This approach can be applied to every project.


We have training systems in place that allow us to react to whatever emergencies may arise on the job. By being proactive we are better able to respond to accidents and minimize their impact.


We choose to stay up to date with the latest equipment suited for our work. This is necessary for us to make sure we can work with the highest speed and accuracy to get the job done. But having the most effective equipment isn’t enough. When something breaks, we have contingency plans in place to fix them ASAP and workarounds to continue work until we do. We also assess any equipment issues that may occur so that we can have plans in place, just in case.


No customer wants to be lied to. That’s why we address our mistakes honestly and work quickly to make things right. This is done with total transparency, letting the customer see our process and involving them directly.


Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. We want our staff to view mistakes this way and not be afraid if something is done incorrectly. We also want our employees to use each other as resources to see that work is done correctly and mistakes are corrected. We are all students and teachers.


Our staff works together to help the company grow and find new clients. We maintain the highest ethics possible as we pursue expanding our customer base and areas of operation.


Our customers can rest assured that each member of our staff has the skills, sense of judgment, and expected behavior to get the job done to their satisfaction. We seek to instill this confidence in everything we do.

Project Management Organization (PMO)

OSE treats every project with the same level of importance, and you can see our standards in every project we complete. At the center of every job is the customer’s needs, which we pay close attention to and focus our work on.


Our schedules and time tables are carefully developed. We consider how all of our teams can factor in getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and to a customer’s wishes. We don’t take shortcuts for the sake of meeting a deadline.


Getting referrals from satisfied customers is the best way for us to grow as a business. It’s also a great indicator that we are doing the job right and that our own customers are willing to risk their reputations by recommending us to their friends and family.

Repeat Business

Maintaining the trust of our current customers is just as vital to us as finding new prospects. Throughout a job stay in touch with clients and pay attention to their satisfaction. We work hard to make sure they’re happy, and to address their concerns if they aren’t.


Sales proposals don’t close instantly. They take a lot of time, and at any point, from beginning to end something could happen to break the deal. We don’t have control over all these things, but what we can control is our own conduct and professionalism.


Our work goes through multiple channels to reach those who will carry it out, and oftentimes we’ve yet to meet the team that will be following our plans. For this reason, we keep our communications simple and concise. Though we’re always open to answer questions and clarify things, by keeping things simple we minimize the time spent communicating, allowing for more time to be spent working.

Task Management

We break down our projects into smaller phases so that we are able to focus more on details. Ultimately the factors that influence how we work are time, cost, and value to the customer.

Team Work

Each and every employee of OSE is treated equally because everyone has the same importance in keeping the company going. Our staff learns to work well together and are always willing to help each other (or ask for help if they need it).

Time Management

Our industry is incredibly competitive. We believe that our advantage over other groups is that we emphasize spending our time working on projects over working in our offices.


There’s no such thing as too much quality control. OSE’s quality checks are what build customer satisfaction while continuing to enhance our reputation. Attention to quality control is evident in OSE’s internal documents, the communication with clients, and in the plans themselves.


We don’t expect anyone member of our staff to know everything. A key aspect to our staff building teamwork is feeling comfortable asking each other questions to get a job done.

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