Okamoto Structural Engineering Announces First Ambient Vibration Test Conducted on Concrete Digester Tank

A More Accurate and Efficient Way to Test our Nation’s Infrastructure

Ontario, CA – May 25, 2021 – Okamoto Structural Engineering (OSE) has conducted the first ever ambient vibration testing on an aboveground, wastewater tank structure. The test was conducted on digester tank #5 at the Inland Empire Utility Agency’s (IEUA) Ontario facility on March 16, 2021 with results just presented. Erich Axsom, SE, Vice President at OSE, performed in-situ testing using precision sensors by Sensequake, OSE’s technology partner. His tests included six (6) Larzé sensors placed along the tank’s rim to gather ambient (small and natural) vibrations. The field data was sent to Sensequake’s headquarters in Montreal, Canada, where they used their patented 3D-SAM software to model the tank’s current performance state.

The results showed that the tank structure’s fundamental frequency at 90% full moves at a natural 5.0 to 9.3 Hz. Ambient vibration testing is now allowing asset owners to accurately take inventory of their critical infrastructure assets. We can identify structural integrity problems from our tests or immediately after a major, natural event like an earthquake. “I was able to capture a tank’s structural properties in just a few hours,” said Mr. Axsom.

The Future is Now

Since 2015, customers have benefitted from deploying Sensequake’s technologies on their buildings, bridges, and port assets. The IEUA is a California Municipal Water District that authorized this pilot study to determine how they can use technology to enhance their maintenance program. “I really enjoyed the conversation and presentation last week. We are going to sit down with our Asset Management group soon to discuss next steps. In addition, we will share this information with the rest of our Engineering and O&M team. Doing a baseline analysis on our critical structures that cannot be regularly, or ever, inspected is something that I would like to investigate next,” said Travis Sprague, IEUA Principal Engineer who is “Looking forward to talking again. We greatly appreciate this opportunity, and sincerely see this as an opportunity.”

Okamoto Structural Engineering was founded in 1979 and has office in Los Angeles, Irvine, Kentucky, and San Francisco. OSE became the first United States Sensequake partner in 2019 completed the first US Sensequake project in March 2020. The company offers a full range of civil and structural engineering services.

If you have any comments or questions please contact John M. Cruikshank, PE, President & CEO of OKAMOTO Structural Engineering at jcruikshank@okamoto-se.com, (714) 444-2422 x101, www.okamoto-se.com.

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