Meet our new Intern: Sofia Castaneda

Sofia is a second-year student at UCSD, studying structural engineering. Here’s a quick Q&A to get to know her!

Q – What or who sparked your interest in engineering?
A- My dad being a civil engineer first sparked my interest in engineering, then throughout school I had always enjoyed math and then once getting to high school and was able to take physics I enjoyed that as well. Sofia’s Dad has had an impressive 20+ year career as a Civil Engineer with Caltrans.

Q –What are your career goals/aspirations in this field?
A- My career goals/aspirations in this field are to first gain as much experience in the field as possible before I graduate college, then work for a company to continue learning, and finally become a PE.

Q – What would be a dream project you would like to contribute to or lead?
A- A dream project I would like to lead/contribute to is to restore old historic buildings all around the world and keep them structurally safe, while maintaining their historical value. Especially with climate change rapidly growing into a larger issue I think it’s important to keep everyone safe without completely changing the structure in order keep its originality.

Q – What are some other interests/activities?
A- I like to run and play soccer on my spare time, because moving my body and exercising is very important to achieve a balanced lifestyle. I enjoy traveling and hope to study abroad sometime in the future.

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