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Matt De Vito Estimator, Project Engineer for EZR Roof Raising Division

How long have you been with the company/industry?

About 3.5 years. I started my career as a product engineer in manufacturing, mainly in the plastic & rubber molding industries. However, I ended up switching to ISE & doing roof raising as there are some family & friend ties to the company. It was an opportunity to apply my technical background to a really unique engineering system. The experience translated well after I learned “the language” of both steel and construction. I have a B. S. in mechanical engineering from NJIT.

What’s sets the E-Z Riser apart from your competitors?

Truthfully there isn’t anyone else who executes the way we do. Sure others can get a roof in the air, but our system is different in that structural steel supports the roof at all times – before, during, and after the raise. That said, we’re fixed back to the building foundations at all times, rather than floating the roof on temporary supports as a rigging company might do. We can also execute a permanent resupport faster than anyone, since we are at heart a steel contractor, so we use our in-house ironworkers. The crew that operates the lifting equipment is the same crew that welds and bolts the steel back together. As a result, the permanent re-support is often 75% complete the day or two after we lift.

What’s the most common question or concerns from your clients that E-Z Riser addresses?

How much does it cost, how high can you go, and is it safe? are the three most common questions. $/SQFT is unfortunately not a good way to handicap our system. Instead, pricing is based primarily on three things – where is it starting, where is it going to, and how many lifting columns we need to do. We can produce a budget range with just those three things in a day. As for how high, certain intervals have economic advantages, but there isn’t much limitation. RoI starts to dwindle at 50′ and above. We’ve lifted a roof 3′ and taken another from 16′ to 44′. Lastly, the simple answer to if it’s safe is yes. We have multiple built-in safety features, but the true testament is an unblemished record that speaks for itself. We are fully insured & bondable, and so there is real world proof for our clients that we’re the only option if safety is a concern.

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