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ICSC Southern California Idea Exchange Notes

Here’s what I learned attending the International Council of Shopping Center’s Idea Exchange. There were probably 800 attendees, and it was a full day event. First-Timers Orientation Breakfast Moderator: Chris Wilson, Executive VP, JLL Recommended attending the Western States ICSC event (5,000 attendees) Can learn from the CBPA – California Building Properties Association RECON –… Continue Reading →

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Secrets to the Ultimate Project Execution System

John Cruikshank was recently interviewed on an episode of “Greater Success and Happiness in Reach” where he talked about the secrets to project execution that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs reach greater success and happiness. Click Here To Listen To The Interview

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I have worked as a civil engineer for the past thirty years, but only once during that time have I been asked “Will you be our project manager/engineer for a live event to catch a skydiver with no parachute jumping from 25,000 feet?” Talk about Extreme Engineering! This question was asked of me on April… Continue Reading →

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