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Matt De Vito Estimator, Project Engineer for EZR Roof Raising Division How long have you been with the company/industry? About 3.5 years. I started my career as a product engineer in manufacturing, mainly in the plastic & rubber molding industries. However, I ended up switching to ISE & doing roof raising as there are some… Continue Reading →

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Meet our new Intern: Sofia Castaneda

Sofia is a second-year student at UCSD, studying structural engineering. Here’s a quick Q&A to get to know her! Q – What or who sparked your interest in engineering? A- My dad being a civil engineer first sparked my interest in engineering, then throughout school I had always enjoyed math and then once getting to… Continue Reading →

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Sensequake technology – Historic Landmark Renovation of the Parliament of Canada

Below is an interesting interview with the former senior project manager of the Canadian Parliament Rehabilitation project, Michael Petrescu, with Sensequake’s CEO, Farshad Mirshafiei, Ph.D., P.Eng., and the president of our partner company in California OKAMOTO Structural Engineering, John Cruikshank, PE, F.ASCE. This Sensequake project was a pioneer for ambient vibration testing, being the largest… Continue Reading →

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Save Money with New Reduced Wind Loads

By Bodhi Goswami, PE, Project Engineer, Okamoto Structural Engineering It is a well-known fact California witnesses frequent earthquakes leading to its stringent seismic design requirements for new and retrofit buildings. But is it equally well known that for smaller retail buildings and many residential buildings, wind load still governs the structural design? And such buildings… Continue Reading →

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The Rise of Modular Construction

Modular construction is a method used by several companies to build houses and other structures quickly and affordably. While its use was once limited, today, modular construction is even used in high-end projects, and experts predict that the modular building industry will continue to grow. In California, modular construction has already become quite popular with… Continue Reading →

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New Technology in Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a time-honored profession that dates back as far as 2700 B.C.E. when construction on Egypt’s pyramids began. And while it’s true that many underlying principles in the industry have stayed steady over the years, it would be a mistake to dismiss new technological innovations and techniques. Today’s structural ever before – here… Continue Reading →

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