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Welcome to Okamoto Structural Engineering

Welcome to OKAMOTO Structural Engineering (OSE). We have worked on major retail outlets, multi-family residential, commercial, government, institutional, and industrial projects, including hospitals, senior living facilities, malls, medical office buildings, parking garages, hotels, churches, and apartment complexes, among others.  In 2019, OSE partnered with Sensequake a world leader in seismic assessment technologies.

Our staff employs experts across all related fields. This includes multiple professional licensed engineers (PEs) and engineers in training (EITs) all of whom are licensed to work in 29 states. Each individual on our team brings with them years of specialized experience. Together, the team at OKAMOTO Structural Engineering work together so that each client gets our undivided attention and their structural engineering needs met. Our dedication to our clients sets us apart from other firms: we gauge our success not on predetermined plans and internal standards, but by whether or not we have met and exceeded what our customers expect.

The team engineers at OSE represents decades of experience with large-scale engineering projects in commercial, residential, and industrial contexts. OSE specializes in identifying the unique landscape features of various regions, which allows them to calculate the risks involved in a given environment. We perform calculations using specific forces to determine the best shapes, materials, and other specific features for the construction and modification of large structures. Clients can trust the experience, careful calculations, and professionalism of OKAMOTO Structural Engineering.

On this website, you can find complete profiles of our staff, including education and awards, an expansive portfolio of our completed projects, testimonials from our customers, news and blog posts, and an outline of the principles that define our work ethic and policies.


Throughout its decades of operation OKAMOTO Structural Engineering has collaborated successfully with clients in industrial and retail settings. OSE understands the unique structural and aesthetic needs of each building’s context.


Check out OSE’s blog for literature pertaining to the latest news in civil and structural engineering, including new projects, techniques, and materials.


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